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New Logo Unveiled

Your eyes did not deceive you, that's a new Mondesi's House logo gracing the header of the site. Professional designer/artist Chris Flecker of Brooklyn graciously provided the fresh, new look, and for that I thank him.
Chris is a big Pittsburgh fan and is extremely excited about the Penguins staying in town. He has a really cool website you can visit at The site features his entire portfolio of editorials, athletes, cartoon characters, and pinups. Great stuff! Thanks again Chris!


Adam said...

before my dear Pitt fans jump all over me for making it to the sweet 16, let me just ask you this:

Will you be satisfied with beating two mid-majors to get to the sweet 16, only to lose to UCLA?

If you are, congratulations. Enjoy being one of the best 16 teams in America where you've been ranked all season.

If I were a Pitt fan, anything less than the Elite 8 is a total let down. Ranked 2 in the nation at one point, and losing in the round of 16 would be horrible.

Pitt is not the Pens, or for the homer in me, Penn State of the early decade. No one expected to much of them, which the Pens of ice and State's winning sweeter.

Pitt is "experienced" and has won a lot of games together. They lose a lot next season. Now is the time. A win over UCLA earns my respect for this team, but not my admiration (I won't go that far). However, a loss SHOULD translate into Jamie Dixon losing his job, or at least pace him on the hot seat.

Dixon has ridden Howland's legacy and produced nothing new for the program when he took over. I still feel Pitt's system and style, more than anything else, has hurt them this season. That is a reflection of the coach.

Many of you will call me an idiot for calling for Dixon's head, but I'm convinced the Sam Young could be so much more than Dixon is letting him be.

Again Pitt fans, the Sweet 16 for THIS YEAR"S TEAM is a let down, and perhaps a loss to UCLA will make people realize that Pitt can, and should, with this team, have more than they've received.

Sean said...

Louis - I've found that it's just not worth arguing with Adam about Pitt, Penn State or anything else. Even if you win, all you can say is that you bested a 16-year-old, so you really can't win. Just let him rant and try as hard as you can to ignore him.

Dirty Sanchez said...

A picture of Lemieux leads to another irrational rant about Pitt from Adam (otherwise known as 50% of PSU's hoops fan base).

It's like arguing with a drunk. Eventually you just say, "You're right dude" and ignore him the rest of the night. If our friend says that the doormat of the weak Big 10 is a team on the rise and that Pitt sucks for getting to the Sweet 16, then so be it.

Gatewood said...

Great drawings Rolls. After watching that lame goal Jagr just scored to beat the pens tonight maybe you should get to work on one about him. How about Sid chasing him with scissors. I should just leave the creativity up to you. Can you draw me with big muscles and send it to me?