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Needed: Your Help

Several readers have pitched me a story idea that I think is worth pursuing. On the heels of 79 Reasons Why It's Hard to be a Pirate Fan, I've heard from a few of you about an article that revisits the Pirates' various slogans/ad campaigns during their 14-year drought. You know, "We Will", "Come Hungry", etc.
The only problem is that as far as I know, there is no complete list of Pirate campaigns. If you happen to know any of the specific slogans from that past 14 years (1992-2006), please email them to so I can get to work on this piece.
Your help is greatly appreciated!


Russell Lucas said...

110% was-- what?-- 2004? 2003?

Dark-Haired Buffoon said...

There was one in which various Pirates were paired with road signs: Dangerous Curves, etc. Ironically, none for Soft Shoulder or Right Shoulder Closed.