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Former Pitt commit Herb Pope's reaction to blowing a 15-point lead in the state championship? He was given a medal, immediately dropped it, and walked away. He's your problem now, Reggie Theus.
Freddy Sanchez had his knee examined by Dr. James Andrews. I presume he had to wait in line behind every other athlete who is currently injured. Seriously, is James Andrews the only doctor in the country? How big is the gap between him and #2?
Bob Smizik verbally spanks Penn State for their handling of Rene Portland gives us Mock Draft 3.0. Your Steelers pick: Dwayne Bowe, wide receiver, LSU. So is this a serious mock draft, or are they just matching random players with random teams? Because unless Matt Millen became GM of the Steelers, there's not a chance they're going WR at #1 two years in a row.
Pac-Man is in some hot H2O.
Peyton took an unaired shot at ol' Tom Brady in his SNL monologue
The Steelers score two compensatory draft picks (4th and 5th rounders) in the upcoming draft. Smells like trade bait to me.
UPDATE: Please, please, more emails telling me that they can't trade these picks. I know they can't trade them. However, they can trade their other picks in the rounds, which is what I was going at. Phrased it wrong, my fault. I plead for your forgiveness!
Here's a great story on Entourage's Jeremy Piven, who used an Entourage: Season One DVD boxed set as a tip on a 12-person meal at Nobu.
A man kills his wife...and flirts with the 911 operator. Yes, there's audio.
"Study: Cannibals Usually Dine Alone". No kidding?
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Joe said...

Compensatory draft picks are untradeable.

mondesishouse said...

True, but you can trade your other 4th or 5th round pick

HotDog_Zanzabar said...

Not to be critical Mr. Lipps, but isn't a comment like yours going to do nothing but incite that mental midget a little bit more?

To comment on Rene Portland, she just personnifies the mood of State College to discriminate anyone and everyone that isn't a white heterosexual.

Adam said...

Wow, what a cheap shot. For him to say Penn State is not a "great university" over the WOMENS' basketball coach is preposterous.

What Portland did is not socially accepted, but to blast the entire university over the womens' coach's treatment of lesbians (mind u there were none on the team)is ridiculous.

In fairness, he should have to lambast every college institution in America that allows Liberal propaganda to permeate acadamia in this country. There are much bigger problems at our universities than a girls coach not liking lesbians. Just shows Bozo the clown doesn't get out much.

I'm not sticking up for Portland (even though i personally do not care what she did), she is a leader of a high exposure program in a high exposure sport, and has a responsibility to be above these kind of issues.

But for Smizik to call out Penn State on a relatively small issue as far as scandals at universties in this country go befuddles me.

Believe it or not, if this were happening to Agnes Beranato, I'd be ripping him, too. To label the entire university, one which graduates players far above the National Averages (thanks to the leadership of one Joe Paterno) over an a coach openly not liking gays is simply a cheap shot at a university he clearly hates.

Maybe we should call him a Media Friend of Pitt?

Adam said...

This is my response to Bob Smizik as it appeared in an emial

You've written some things I've disagreed with in the past, but this is simply a cheap shot at Penn State on your part. What Portland did was wrong considering her position, but for you to lambaste Penn State and say they don't deserve to be a "great university" over a women's' basketball coach's distaste for lesbians is a gross over reaction.

Let me ask you, what DO you define as a great university if Penn State does not fit the bill? There are far worse scandals at schools across the country, and not just low profile schools, high exposure ones like Ohio State, and LSU.

Penn State graduates it's athletes far above national averages. Twice in the past 4 years has Penn State had the highest graduation rate among public institutions. Myles Brand has called Penn State, a "poster child for doing it right in college sports". How can you lower and debase Penn State as a whole when they set such lofty standards in the classroom, and on the fields of play?

Every university has it's lose cannon, and Rene Portland in PSU's. But to criticize Penn State for not firing her earlier is preposterous. At least they had the guts to run a highly successful coach out the door. Some universities sweep the scandalous behavior of their star coaches under the rug.

Also, to magnify this almost meaningless incident in the grand scheme of problems with America's university system shows you are over reacting.

Maybe you should write a column about Academia forcing its liberal and progressive agenda down the throats of millions of American students? Maybe you should write about the growing costs of college tuition? I don't know, but tying an entire university's reputation to the women's' basketball coach and her behavior is unacceptable in my mind.

There are far greater problems to be dealt with.

Adam Bittner"

The Duke from Dukes Court said...

I didn't know PSU had basketball teams

HotDog_Zanzabar said...

"But for Smizik to call out Penn State on a relatively small issue"
-Outspoken PSU fan Adam

I like how the average PSU fan considers discrimination a small issue. No wonder they enjoy their "white outs" so much.

Unknown said...

Hot Dog- I don't think you can call Adam an "average" Penn State fan. The vast majority of us are level headed people that like our school, but were disgusted by Portland's actions. Moreover, don't get all high and mighty and pretend like Western Pennsylvania is a bastion of tolerance.

Adam said...

I think I'm pretty level headed brother. My point was only that Rene's hate of lesbians is a far less pressing problem than the more dangerous ones univerities face today.

All schools, Pitt, Penn State, and any other big ime colleges are being run increasingly by the far left loons in the student body with a super liberal agenda. Do you not find this poisioning of America's youth to be more important than a lose cannon women's coach? I do. that was all I was trying to say.

O and memo to boredinpittsburgh: If you wanna knock the men's team for not performing, fine. But until Pitt can crack even the elite 8 in the women's tournament, you should really shut your mouth. We've been to the Final 4 in women's and Pitt cant say that, so enough, please

Unknown said...

I think I saw somewhere we were trading up for Jamarcus Russell. It is to replace a the Chris Fu'amutumafallalaialaialai. Chidi Iwojima just isn't good enough.

Unknown said...

adam to penn state = bill o'reilly to conservatives

Blind faith is an entertaining thing to watch, sometimes...

Sean said...

As soon as I saw that there were 14 comments, I knew that Penn State and Adam would be involved. I really have nothing to add, but I will change the subject. The Penguins are in the playoffs!! It's always nice to attend Capitals-Pens games in DC and see the Pens win (as usual).

Anonymous said...

I think ol' Hot Dog should go bite on a weiner. Adam is to be commended forloving Penn State as much as he does. So what if they're intolerant???