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Levi Got Jacked

In the latest chapter of As the Peezy Turns, Levi Jones is now claiming that he was attacked by as many as seven people, and that he had jewelry stolen in the altercation with Joey Porter & Co.

Officer Martin Wright of the Vegas police said Monday that Jones said he had some jewelry stolen in an incident that apparently has roots in on-field trash talking that goes back several years.
Some sources indicated Monday that as many as seven people, including Porter, were involved in an attack of Jones, but police wouldn’t confirm the report and said they were attempting to find out if the incident is on tape.

“If it’s on tape, I would imagine it would be part of the report,” Wright said. “There were other people there. All we know is that when we arrived at the scene we heard there were words and one guy hit another guy and the victim wanted to press charges.”

I (as well as you) can't seem to get enough of this story, so here's some additional info from around the web:

---From our very own post on the topic earlier today, we have an in-person report courtesy of reader Gavin:

"We actually saw Peezy rolling craps on both Saturday and Sunday at the Palms. He was rocking a Hank Gathers Loyola Marymount throwback jersey on Saturday and his arms are roughly the size of the average fire hydrant. He was living large with his new contract. "

From the Joey Porter Bengal Punch '07 Collection

---And the official comment from Well, there's no mention. Of course, their site is still in Steeler colors, so I take it things don't move too quickly over there.

---An enlightened reader of The Big Lead website (one of the first to break this) gives their opinion:

"Well poor little Bengals..maybe that will teach them to shut their mouths… he’s was just jealous and Joey put him in his place! That’s my boy!!! Show him how a real football player rolls… backs up what he says! The Bengals are a bunch of criminals!!!

The Bengals may be criminals, but as far as I can see, the only thing Levi Jones did here was:

A. Open his big, fat mouth and B. Get punched in the face.

The last time I checked, those were not criminal activities. But thanks for your opinion, obnoxious, wanna-be gangsta Steeler fan.

---Porter's birthday is March 22, 1977, which means he'll be turning 30 on Thursday. I haven't heard for sure that he was in Vegas celebrating his birthday, but it's probably relevant.

---As far as I've heard, no other Steelers were present. Big Ben wasn't there, because he was busy with the Sprint "Power to Play" minicamp at Neville Island, roughly his 938th public appearance of the the offseason.
More details as they come in...or as you send them in. Thanks to the numerous readers who've sent tips so far.


Sam said...

I haven't heard anyone raise the most important question about this incident yet:

Did Jones come away from the beatdown with an imprint of the five Lombardi trophies on his face from Porter's ring???

Russell Lucas said...

Take that back, man. Sure, maybe Big Ben has made a million publi appearances in the off-season, but until one of them is a 20K gig which involves him dancing nerdishly at a Sweet Sixteen party, they're all fine by me.

tecmo said...

bens only making so many appearances because no one recognizes his fake face. and joey porter is a bad man