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Hines Has Some Cold Pizza

Steeler WR/Personality Hines Ward made an appearance on Cold Pizza this morning as part of ESPN's "ESPN: the Weekend" event at Disney World. Ward and Carolina Panther WR Steve Smith were interviewed by Jay Crawford, so we were spared the Skip Bayless appearance for at least one segment (don't worry, Skip chirped earlier in the show that the release of Joey Porter was a HUGE mistake).
The first, obvious question for Ward was his reaction to the loss of Porter, to which Hines said he was "surprised". Frankly, I'm surprised that anyone was surprised, but I suppose that's the answer he had to give. He mentioned sadness at the loss of Cowher, Bettis, and Porter over the past year. Hines also had plenty of kind words for Mike Tomlin and said he was meeting with him soon.
We were then forced to sit through an incredibly painful-to-watch bit where Ward & Smith were asked to match a Disney character to an NFL player. Everyone say "Corporate synergy!"
ESPN, ever obsessed with Terrell Owens, led off with him, to which Hines said he actually likes T.O. and looked rather uncomfortable trying to give an answer. Hines ultimately chose Cinderella for Owens, letting down Crawford, who was praying for the answer of "Goofy". Next was Chad Johnson, and Steve Smith mumbled "Cinderella". Following that, Hines was asked who he would choose for Steve Smith. His answer? Cinderella, of course. Crawford asked Smith who to choose for Ward. By this point, we knew the answer...Cinderella. So I guess every single player in the NFL reminds these guys of Cinderella. Fabulous improv, guys. And a great bit conjured up by those Cold Pizza writers. Emmy-award winning stuff.

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