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Bill Cowher, ever so interested in spending more time with his family, has now signed on for an ABC reality show (this in addition to his new gig at CBS) called "Fast Cars and Super Stars: Gillette Young Guns Celebrity Race".
"Fast Cars and Super Stars: Gillette Young Guns Celebrity Race" will see the Nextel Cup drivers that have appeared in ads for the men's personal care brand -- Kurt Busch, Kasey Kahne, Carl Edwards, Jamie McMurray, Ryan Newman and 2006 Nextel Cup champion Jimmie Johnson --- instructing a bevy of sports and entertainment stars on the finer points of stock car driving.
Participating celebrities include John Elway; Tony Hawk; William Shatner; Laird Hamilton and his wife, Gabby Reese; WWE champion John Cena; John Salley; Serena Williams; Bill Cowher; and Jewel and her boyfriend, rodeo king Ty Murray.
Cowher, Shatner, and Jewel? This sounds like a recipe for unintentional comedy gold. The show is going to run as a lead-in to the NBA Finals and is filming this week in North Carolina.
However, there is one little stipulation in the contract that our former coach may take umbrage with:
Since Gillette's core products are its shaving lines, contestants were told they "must be well-groomed" and that "stubble or scruff of any kind" is unacceptable.
The way I interpret that, Cowher can keep the 'stache, but the goatee/chin dirt must exit stage left.
So with this move, Cowher now works for two of the major networks, needing only gigs at Fox and NBC to fully enjoy his retirement.


The Duke from Dukes Court said...

congrats on the link to this post from Deadspin.

Cowher wants to spend more time with his family: he signs two different TV deals.

That's like me saying I want to make more money, and then quiting my job as a bank manager and getting a job working at Wendy's as the fry cook.

Anonymous said...

Here's a good question: If Bill Cowher wanted to be with his family, why did he let them move to North Carolina without him?

Answer: Because Kaye Cowher calls the shots in that household and she doesn't care if he's around or not. Obviously, Cowher's so far out of the loop that it may already be too late for that marriage, not that Kaye cares...she has her house in North Carolina and her girls. And now she has her cuckold husband under foot too, trying to get back in her good graces (minus his Steeler career in the process). All I can say is, "Whipped, whipped, whipped".