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The Afternoon Killer

Not only did Pitt lose last night, the Penguins dropped their second straight game in New York, falling to Garth Snow's Islanders by a count of 3-1. Not a good night for Pittsburgh sports.
Former Steeler Jeremy Staat is headed to Iraq. He credits Pat Tillman as his inspiration.
Surprise! The Steelers are OK with the NFL's new get-tough policy.
Here's a handy tool for Pirate Opening Day: the Canned Excuse Engine
Loyal Mondesi reader Josh just started a new website called GameDayChat, where you can chat with fans of your team during the game. This is still in Beta, but there is a Pens page up and running.
Greg Oden lightens up Ohio State practice by saying he wants to get his degree
ESPN reporter/internet favorite Erin Andrews scored a major scoop yesterday
Here's a great list of toys that should not exist


Adam said...

Well, Pitt blew it a again.

While many will say they only lost becuz they played a great team, thats a lame excuse.

Why? earlier this season, Pitt fans spoke of how "elite" their program was by looking at the rankings. Fine. do that. but being "elite" means beating elite teams. Pitt hasnt done that in MArch, so how can Pitt fans call their program "elite".

Some Pitt fans understand this. The vast majority do not. Now, they make excuses. If you were one calling Pitt and elite team, but now complain about playing a much better team, shut your mouth. Elite teams beat elite teams. Pitt didnt get it done.


Dont get me wrong, Pitt is (well, was) a solid team, but the coaching killed them.

Jamie Dixon forced Aaron Gray to be the focal point of this offense. obviously, he couldnt handle that pressure. running the whole team through him was just not going to work.

Dixon also has an infactuation with playing 9 and 10 guys every night. Thats great, if yer a team that is deep like pitt. it develops talent, and helps everyone get better.

However, what Dixon does is make it a priority to get everyone in, as if its a 7th development league. he takes minutes away from guys like Ramon and Young who are capable of so much more if he would take off the training wheels.

Go ahead Pitt fans. laugh now. but in 10 years, when dixon is still the coach, and Pitt still hasnt broken through because his coaching doesnt work, dont complain. If u want to drink the kool-aid, fine. Dixon blows, and he cost Pitt, who could have one last night if they wernt so predictable.

The Duke from Dukes Court said...

"Dixon blows"?

He has taken Pitt to the NCAA Tournament each season he has been at Pitt and is one of the fastest coaches to reach 100 career wins.

Pitt's loss to UCLA was not Dixon's fault. Pitt missed too many easy shots plain and simple, that is hardly Dixon's fault. Dixon put his team in a position to beat one of the best teams in the country and his players didn't hit the shots they needed to, to win.

If Pitt gets to the Big East title game, contends for the Big East regular season title and goes to the Sweet Sixteen every year for the next 10 years I'd be pretty happy.

1 Official Vote of Confidence for Jamie Dixon.

Unknown said...

Make it two.

Also, that picture of Erin Andrews REALLY doesn't do her justice.

Adam said...

100 wins with Howland's players and 1 big east title?

suit yerself my man.

history will prove me right...

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Hey adam, that's us in the tournament every year in the high stakes games blowing it.

When's Penn State been in high stakes games again? Laugh all you want but you wish PSU could be in as many high stakes games as Pitt has the last 6 years. Win or not, we're there and you're not.

And Gray and Kendall were the only Howland-recruited players on that team.

It's sad that Penn State b-ball is so insignificant that the only way you can get in on a hoops conversation is to rub it in to a bunch of Pitt fans after a loss.

Now, let me as a Pirate fan go over to a Red Sox board and make fun of them after they lose a game. That's kind of like what this is like.

By the way, I think the tourney proved that the Big 10 which Penn State was so close to being a contender in was really tough didn't it?

By the way, your anti-Pitt posts are way to long. I doubt anyone ever reads all the way through one.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

We were ranked in the top 15 all year, and ended the tourney as one of the last 16 teams.

Therefore, we are without a doubt a top 15 program.

What don't you get about that?

Adam said...

wow, you bird brains don't get what i say at all do u.

First of all, if Penn State and Pitt had traded their players and coaches befroe the season and PSU was in the sweet 16, but lost to UCLA this way, id be saaying the same things. Dixon is not gonna get Pitt over the top.

top 15 is not elite. Final 4 is elite. So, if yer a pitt fan calling the program elite, then i laugha at u becuz yer a moron.

If you consider Pitt a very good team that finished in the tp15 but was disappointing this season, then i agree with u and yer not an idiot.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

God, by the futile arguements you come here with I can tell that you like politics a lot.

People that like politics are usually the same people that like to argue about EVERYTHING.

And I never said elite, but we're constantly a top 20 team. And this year, a top 15 team.

It's always dissappointing when you don't make the final four. But we lost to a team that just waxed Kansas. We ran into the better team, it happens.

And Dixon didn't miss easy layups. That was our players, who were in position to beat a very good team. UCLA just had the better athletes. But our recruiting profile is increasing because of our recent success, so hopefully that may begin to change.

Will we ever be UNC, Duke, Kentucky, UCLA, or Kansas? Probably not. Those are basketball schools from basketball towns. But, we knock on the door every year, and we definitely have the program in position that if we get the right group of guys in we can win a championship one year.

That's about all you can ask for.

And please refrain from calling me a "bird brain", "idiot" or "moron. It really shows your age. That and frankly, I don't appreciate it at all. I don't sit here and call you names when you come here to tell us that Penn State is close to becoming a real hoops contender, do I?

Adam said...

Louis Lipps, hold on a second. I never specifically called u a moron or a bird brain. I called Pitt fans like that loser on the pool message board morons. He called Pitt elite backing it up only by saying Pitt has been to the S.S. 4 out of 6 years. BIG WHOOP! that doesnt make Pitt elite!

I agree with everything u just said. obviously u get it. But there are a lot of yinzrs that dont. the same yinzrs that threw batteries at dave parker and beer on kordell. they dont get it.

Trust me, I have lots of friends who are Pitt fans. Most of them get Pitt's situation: a good team.

If you disagree with me over Dixon, fine. thats yer opinion. But the debate is over, Pitt is not elite, am I right?

Unknown said...

You hate Pitt. We get it. I hate Penn State, but I don't go on and on about it with ill informed comments while insulting the intelligence of Penn State fans.

Adam said...

I'll be the first to say Penn State has their morons too. Every team does. Yes i hate Pitt, but i dont hate all Pitt fans. alright?

Adam said...

I'll be the first to say Penn State has their morons too. Every team does. Yes i hate Pitt, but i dont hate all Pitt fans. alright?