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Rex Grossman Sucks

My full thoughts on SBXLI will be coming up later on today, but I must say that I'm getting a ton of hits today for the search term "Rex Grossman Sucks". Unfortunately I'm not getting hits for an equally appropriate phrase, "Bears Defense Sucks". Looks like this loss will be completely put on Sexy Rexy, which is unfortunate for him. The Bears truly lost as a team.
By the way, I'm also getting a lot of hits today for Rex Grossman Drunk, so people must believe that's one possible explanation for some of those throws.


save the steagles said...

Say what you will about Ben's performance last year, but you can at least name three or four clutch plays he came up with during the course of the game. Besides Grossman's TD pass, can you think of any? I'm glad the Steeler's can relinquish having the worst QB play in the Super Bowl (at least in recent years) to the Bears and Grossman.

Megatron said...

How could anyone be a fan of Rex Grossman? The guy definitley sucks. He reminds me of a douche bag. This is the cocky, arrogant, peice of shit, frat boy, but from the frat of jocky, yuppy, mother F'ers. Everyone knows this guy, and everyone hates this guy. I am so delighted that the Super Bowl blew up in his stupid, ugly mug face. I hate you Rex.