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The Legend of Gwenjen

As many of you know, I have a standing offer to readers to send in their most interesting findings from around the net. It's become a nice little segment that people really enjoy...especially those looking for some good ways to kill time while at work. Plus, it saves me some time, gives me content I never would have found on my own, and gives one lucky person each week a nice prize. I would think of it as a win-win situation.
So a few months ago, a reader sends me a link to a site called Photobucket, where people can load on their own photo galleries. Don't ask me how, but our reader had found a particular personal gallery chock full of your favorite Pittsburgh the ice. There were a few PG-13 shots, but for the most part, they were pretty clean, just people partying.
On Thursday, I was again informed of another photo in the gallery, this one featuring Evgeni Malkin innocently posing with a few female fans. So up it went, I threw a borderline-witty comment, and I brainstorm as to what to post about next...or so I thought.

As I was surprised to see, the girl on the left, "GwenJen", showed up in the rapidly-expanding comments section of the Malkin photo post. After her intial comments, in which she covered a variety of topics and settled a few bets, Gwenjen got into some serious verbal jousting with some of the regulars and a handful of the thousands of visitors courtesy of picking up on this.
At the very least, I can say two things about GwenJen, based on her comments:
1. She is a very devoted Penguin fan.
2. She seems to be a very good sport about the whole thing.
My thoughts? Not that they matter much, but since a few readers were speculating, here they are...
-I'd say whatever the Penguins are doing or whoever they're hanging out with, keep it up. It's obviously working. In fact, I'd suggest to try it with the Pirates.
-Do I mind debate in the comments section? Quite the contrary. In fact, I prefer it. It's an open forum, my friends. All you have to do is register.
-I read someone in the comments suggesting GwenJen is now a celebrity. In a world where Jenn Sterger parlayed an on-air shot during a Florida State game into a column for, I'd say anything is possible.
-If GwenJen cares to personally address or rebut any comments in a post rather than comments, the floor would be hers. All it takes is an email. I did it for that Hines Ward rep and all he did was bash me, but hey, it makes for good reading. And that's the name of the game.
-Finally, for any readers mad that we're discussing things like this and not actual sports, hang in there. I have plenty of goodies lined up for today. But hits don't lie, and the Malkin piece is getting them by the boatload.


Sean said...

I would certainly vote for a weekly GwenJen feature/post.

Dirty Sanchez said...

You know GJ, if we end up making you into an international star, then you owe me TWO Arnnnn City beers!

I remember the boobies, I remember Talbot and his Zoolander posing for the camera, but I don't remember stumbling across the drunk driving ad. So my memories of the boobies and thongs is untainted.

noslenwerd said...

woo hoo i feel somewhat responsible for making her a celebrity. I emailed in this story a few months ago, and wow it blew up.

GJ can i get your autograph?

Unknown said...

Gwen do your thing girl. Get Nichole involved too. I coach womens college hoops and it is a shame how much women athletes, and fans are treated. You two have my full support