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Ben's New Woman, Steelers Need Duckett, Top NFL/MLB Rookies, Pryor=Young, Fergie is a Werewolf

John Clayton examines each NFL team going into the 2007 season. And tells us for the 6,715th time that the Steelers should acquire T.J. Duckett. Seriously. I think he just recycles these columns.
Here's the top 50 incoming rookies for the 2007 NFL season. Darrelle Revis checks in at #20.
Damien Cox at thinks Sidney Crosby needs no protection.
The Devil Rays, proving the Pirates aren't the only cursed team in MLB, are trying to deal B.J. Upton and/or Delmon "Bat Hurler" Young.
Yahoo gives us the top 10 MLB rookies for 2007, along with 10 more to watch. Unfortunately, Adam LaRoche is not a rookie, so there are no new Pirates on this list.
Eight baseball managers on the hot seat...let's start the countdown to the day when Jim Tracy's name gets added to this list. lost their mind and ranked Jeff Garcia as the #1 free agent in football, above impact players like Dwight Freeney and Adalius Thomas. I guess they missed Garcia's sparkling Cleveland and Detroit years.
SI also gives us the equation of Terrelle Pryor=Vince Young. Thing is, Vince Young wasn't also one of the top basketball recruits in the country.
David Stern is a bit of a hypocrite with his thoughts on the NBA in Vegas.
Albuquerque=America's fittest city. Pittsburgh=not America's fittest city.
More photo evidence that the Black Eyed Peas' Fergie is a werewolf
Sean Taylor lights up punter Brian Moorman in the Pro Bowl. This gets the rarely given Mondesi Five-Star must-click award.


Dirty Sanchez said...

Can't see the Fergie pic, the IT guys must have the horse-faced transvestite filter up and running today.

I guess this can end the debate among Pirates fans as to whether we should have taken Upton or Bullington, since it looks like both will be busts. Luckily for Upton the Pirates didn't draft him, otherwise he would have had a couple of shoulder surgeries by now.

save the steagles said...
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save the steagles said...

That girl is at least cuter than that bleached out golfer. If she can remind Ben to wear a helmet and keep him out of the hospital this off-season, I'll watch any crappy movie she puts out.

I saw that SI list too, although I'm not sure it's put in any order, rather it's just listing off the 20 most notable free agents.

AJ said...

John Clayton reminds me of that guy in the dorms who had a Dungeon Master's guide and would always ask you to get him beer.

Anonymous said...

Big Ben's new girl is a "total huattie."