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The Afternoon Killer

"The" Honus Wagner card, once owned by Wayne Gretzky, sells for $2.3 million at auction, topping its last sale price of $1.265 million in 2000. A Jack Wilson card in the same auction sold for a record $1.25.

The Steelers locked up Aaron Smith for five more years. In the same story, Ed Bouchette tells us that the ax could fall on Mr. Peezy as early as Friday.

Did Gary Matthews Jr. use some enhancement for that career season last year?

Dick Vitale's confidential conversation with Billy Donovan is heard live and on the air (link has the audio).

Get your barf bag ready for the Hollywood madam excerpt about Tommy Lasorda.

In addition to the Pirates, Penguins, and Pitt, Mark Cuban is buying the Cubs.

NFL news: Steelers scout catches Lions scouts looking over his shoulder at his notes

Here's 10 NFL players who might get traded. I like #9, PacMan Jones. I'm sure teams are lining up for him.

This article tells you that we'll run out of beer before we run out of oil. As if you needed any incentive to buy a case this weekend. Or tonight. Or this afternoon.

Howard Stern Show flunky Benjy Bronk is the naked man in this video of a massive pillow fight in New York City.

Family Guy fans, here's a video compilation of the best of Olllie Williams. It's gon' rain!

If anyone tries to sell you two Picassos for $66 million, just letting you know, they're stolen. Call his granddaughter, she's looking for them.

In honor of the upcoming film Grindhouse, here's the winner of the contest to make a grindhouse trailer.

On the topic of horror videos, here's Pat Summitt singing and cheerleading at last night's Tennessee game.


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Time is running out if you want to play fantasy baseball Mondesi's House style! 14 slots have been taken, but 6 remain, so sign up now! See the post from last week for details. Louis Lipps, cmon and play, it'll be fun to take u down. and by the way, what are your plitical leanings? maybe we agree on that front.

Adam said...
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