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--First off, thanks to Mark Madden of ESPN Radio 1250 in Pittsburgh for the mention yesterday about my Adam LaRoche piece. Also thanks go out to all the readers that sent emails about the mention. Don't forget to listen to Mark each weekday from 3-7 PM on 1250 AM or online at He's been a great supporter of the site.
--John M. is the first winner of the Mondesi's House link submission contest. He submitted the photo of Big Ben with Carson Daly and what appears to be Mario Lopez.
For his great work, he will receive an AUTOGRAPHED Ben Roethlisberger Football Card from Readers, don't forget to send your interesting links, photos and thoughts to for the next prize. I've decided to announce the prizes in advance from now on, so you know what you'll be in the running for.
--Couple of changes in the comments department. As you have probably noticed, you have to be a registered user to post. No more anonymous posts from faceless people. Also, the comments now have a pop-up window and there is no longer "word verification" required...long a nemesis of the Mondesi comments section. So feel free to register and throw in your two cents here and there.
--I also added a "hot topics" bar at the top of the page with links to the posts generating the most traffic.
--I've received a few questions on permanent link policies, so here goes. If it is a unique sports or entertainment site, preferably Pittsburgh-based, and I think the readers will enjoy it, then I'll gladly trade links. I'm looking for quality sites that are updated on a regular basis, because there's limited room for links available.
--This week has set a new record for site traffic, so I hope that means you like what you're reading. There have been literally tens of thousands of visitors who've passed through since Sunday. I appreciate each and every one of my loyal readers and welcome those finding the site for the first time this week.