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Sean Salisbury at XLI, John Clayton's MySpace Page, Franco on Tomlin, Cowher Family Tree, Favre Wants Moss, Stupid Comic Covers

There's no tailgating at the Super Bowl this year. See, it's a good thing the Steelers didn't make it after all.
Sean Salisbury, big pimpin' at XLI
Another sign of the apolcalypse: John Clayton has a MySpace page.
In between interviews to push his Hines Ward and JoePa donuts, Franco Harris gives us his thoughts on the Mike Tomlin hire.
Here's an illustration of the Bill Cowher Coaching Family Tree. That Cowher name must go far on an assistant's resume.
Minnesota's Pioneer Press asked their readers which coach will be more successful - Brad Childress or Mike Tomlin. The response was overwhelming.
Brett Favre wants the Packers to trade for Randy Moss. Please make this happen.
Charger Terrence Kiel, he of the codeine shipments, gets caught draining the dragon in public
The New York Yankees just can't quit Bernie Williams
Cold outside? Try on a Willy Warmer
A follow up to yesterday's comic book covers link, here's a gallery of "stupid" comic covers

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