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The Ryan Vogelsong Wedding Album

Courtesy of Michael at Rizzo Sports, here's the Official Ryan Vogelsong Wedding Photo Album, featuring plenty of appearances by Pirates past and present, along with other notable Pittsburghers. Nothing like seeing Kip Wells in a pink shirt to make my day.
You may not know this, but Vogelsong was not the groom when the day started. Things went really bad for the original groom, who was then replaced by Vogelsong shortly after the ceremony started. Vogelsong worked the room for a few hours, did some good things, some bad things, was a little wild, hit a few guys, then gave way to Salomon Torres.


Gentlewhoadie Apt One said...


some thoughts-

1. What is it about gel and corona types that makes them love pastel shirts?

2. Josh Fogg looks like a sales rep hard up for a lay.

3. Dan Potash

4. I am really glad I was not there.

Kirk Wojno said...

Hey Raul - Trenni looks like she is all cracked out on coke. Im throwing it out there.

Dirty Sanchez said...

Hmm.. Is anyone surprised that Wells was rocking a pink shirt?

And not that I'm a double for Brad Pitt or anything, but looking at some of the dudes in those pics, I'm pretty sure I could have gone 5-hole on some of those chicks at the wedding party. Definitely the coked out, drunked Trenni.