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Reggie Bush Tapes, Troy Smith Slammed, Pitt Wins, Pittsnogle an All Star, Sid Shut Out, Trenni Update, Make Your Own Church Sign

The Reggie Bush tapes: the most eagerly anticipated tapes since Paris Hilton's.
Troy Smith gets slammed by a Bengals scout. All he needs to do is commit a crime and he'll be back in their good graces.
The Ultimate Super Bowl rankings, according to ESPN. Bad news for Steeler fans: the XL team was ranked lower than some losing Super Bowl teams.
The city of Pittsburgh continues their domination of Cincinnati, this time in Big East play
Kevin Pittsnogle, your Pittsburgh XPlosion All-Star rep. Does the CBA have an All-Star Skills competition, and could it be more boring than the NHL's?
Sidney gets shut out in his All-Star debut
Fans of Mike and Mike, don't read this article
Trenni is up to $5, thanks to Mondesi's own Tbart213
I don't know about you, but I think that new Nike basketball commercial is pretty sweet
Here's a site that calls in sick for you
On the heels of yesterday's much-viewed Casa D'Ice signs story, here is a site that allows you to create your own church signs. And by the way, Casa D'Ice is totally legit, as Ramon Mondesi happened to drive past it yesterday.


Doug said...

Thats pretty much par for the course for Big Gay Mike & Little Gay Mike.

Blathering on and on while being dead wrong about almost everything? Definately nothing new there.

Worst Show Ever, rather watch Cold Pizza.

Anonymous said...

That ESPN ranking list of all the Super Bowl teams is laughable; not just the low ranking of the 2005 Steelers, but the whole thing.

(As are most things ESPN-related.)

Of course, I take serious issue with the lack of respect given the '05 Steelers. Loser that I am, I've spent 7-9pm each of the last three Friday nights watching the original game broadcasts from last year's playoff run, (no game this week, the fun resumes next FRI.), and I've only become MORE impressed with the feat they accomplished.

To win four consecutive playoff games on the road, while allowing no 300-yd passers, and no 100-yd runners or receivers, against the talent they played, is almost unbelieveable!

In fact, I believe it will be 50+ years before this feat is duplicated.

Of course, the morons at ESPN wouldn't know anything about that.

Adam said...

To the Pitt shmo from last night:
Buddy, you are the symbol of why I as a Penn State fan hate Pitt. I come in and bring genuine facts to the table (Terrelle Pryor is considering Penn State) and all you do is attept to shoot it down in flames with a dirty mouth and slap at Penn State for not playing Pitt. In the past, I've made it clear that it is not all Penn State's fault the rivalry isnt happening at the moment. Pitt shares the blame.

I know a lot of Pitt fans who are classy guys, and some of my best friends, but then there are pigs like you who make watching Pitt win so difficult, because I know that in yer diluted mind, Pitt is #1 in both sports forever, end of discussion. Pull yer head out of yer ass and look over at the ACC. there are 5-6 teams in that conference alone that would tear Pitt to shreds. then again, there are probably pleanty of Bradleys, pacifics, and Kent States out there who could do it as well, which i promise, we will see in the tournament. Wise pitt fans i know understand where pitt truly sits: good team, but not final four material.

Anyway, if i were terelle pryor, I know that if football is the sport i really care about, I go to Penn State. #1 for the exposure, #2 for the atmosphere #3 the coach, and #4 the best chance at being drafted high.

If I want to play basketball, then Pitt is my front runner. Of course, the aura of sigle hadedly turning around the Penn State basketball program might be intriguing to me.

At any rate, if im looking to play both, but have a preferance for football, i go to PSU, if i prefer basketball, MAYBE its Pitt (i need to remember that dixon plays 9 men and hasnt turned out a legit pro yet). There are pleanty of schools I can go to and be just as successful on the hoops side.

my only point was that he isnt a panther yet, and id apprecite it if that was acknowleged.

have a fine evening.

Adam said...

and this just in from Blue and White illustrated

The final intrastate recruiting battle in Pennsylvania has finally ended, as Rochester (Penn.) wide receiver Derek Moye has made his decision.

The three-star receiver picked the Nittany Lions over offers from Pittsburgh, Boston College and West Virginia, among others.

Eat that Pitt

The Duke from Dukes Court said...

That Nike ad needs more white guys and less Kobe.

Nice Guy said...

Create more fake sign gags (also make comics, logos, banners, buttons, glitters, avatars, sigs, etc) on