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My KC Penguins, Pitt Wins Again, Dumb Super Bowl Questions, K Fed's Commercial, PSU Lawsuit

HOCKEY is up and running. I'm sure you'll vent your thoughts in their forum

Borat's home country, Kazakhstan,
beats Thailand 52-1 in hockey
Pitt wins yet again, this time topping Villanova in the land of Balboa
Jack Wilson stands by his Castillo-bashing, by far the greatest moment of the 17 PirateFests to date

Sammy Sosa makes it official with the Rangers. This is gonna be fun.

Remembering Hunter S. Thompson, and wondering if he was the father (or grandfather) of sites like Deadspin

Emma Tillman becomes the
world's oldest person at 114, trailed closely by Joe Paterno

Speaking of Penn State, a student is suing the school because a
stuffed moose fell on her head

Unintentionally sexual comic book all-time classic

Bubba the Love Sponge pig jacket auction, closing in on $5,000
Kevin Federline's Leaked Super Bowl commercial for Nationwide

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Anonymous said...

After the stuffed moosehead fell on the young woman, one of the Penn State football players allegedly stabbed the moosehead 93 times.