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Match the Bengal to the Crime, NFL Playoffs, Pitt RPI, $50 Million for KFed

ESPN gives us an interactive "Match the Bengal to the Crime" game. I have a better idea, which the Bengals could use for their website. It's called "match the ESPN employee to their firing/suspension". You could have Sean Salisbury, Harold Reynolds, Michael Irvin...
A neat look at the amount of ads from for last week's Chiefs/Colts game. Or as I remember it, commercials with a bit of football sprinkled in.
Bill Simmons takes a look at the NFL playoffs, and surprisingly, picks the Patriots to beat the Chargers.
Pitt ranks 4th in the college basketball RPI, with a strength-of-schedule of 10.
Seth Davis says the Panthers will be 74-67 winners over Georgetown tomorrow. By the way, this is an ESPN GameDay event, so plan your day accordingly.
Penn State WR Jordan Norwood decides he wants to try his hand at hoops as well. If only they had a basketball team.
December finals: Wii: 604,200 units sold. Playstation 3: 490,700. Xbox 360: 1.1 million.
Ebay buys StubHub for $310 million. Did they wait for the auction to end, or just use a "buy it now"?
Kevin Federline gives his divorce settlement demands: $50 million dollars. But only if he can play for the L.A. Galaxy.


Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Bear in mind that a lot less PS3s were put on the market to create a demand than Wiis were.

I know quite a few people who were able to get a Wii before Xmas.

The one guy I know who was lucky enough to find a PS3 on the shelves had to wait until about 8 days after Xmas.

Steeltown Mike said...

Seth Davis says the Panthers will be 74-67 winners over Georgetown tomorrow.

74-69. Not bad, Seth...

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