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Elway Jersey Fallout, Eli Manning Karaoke, Sosa to Rangers?, Hurricane Joumana, K-Fed Super Bowl Ad

Remember the Beaver Falls kid who was razzed by his teacher for wearing a John Elway jersey? Well, that story just got new life with the news that the kid is filing suit. He's looking for damages in excess of $25K. America. What a country.


It's come to this: even Salomon Torres is pleading with the Pirates to get a power hitter.

Sammy Sosa to the Texas Rangers? Please, please, please make this happen.

Mike Shula may replace Nick Saban in Miami, since Saban left Miami to replace Shula at Alabama.

Former Nittany Lion defensive lineman Lavon Chisley is suspected of stabbing a student 93 times. Ouch.


ESPN gives us the always debatable NHL Power Rankings, and they say the Pens are the 24th best team in the league. I respectfully disagree.

The Nets are preparing for Hurricane Joumana

ESPN is also giving us something else very soon...Arena Football. Your announcing combos include Wingo-Schlereth (better call the cliche police ahead of time for those games), Jaworski-Hoge (will Jaws wear his cool, super thick black glasses?), and the Arena Bowl team of ....drum roll...GOLIC and GREENIE!!


Nationwide Insurance has hired K-Fed for a Super Bowl ad
Do Jay-Z's Rocawear faux furs have dog fur in the collar?
The Fifth Wheels of the Golden Globes are shown in this gallery. Since when is Chris Kattan not "A-list"?


Anonymous said...

The kid from Beaver Falls is a disgrace. He wore the Elway jersey to get attention, then he got more than he wanted, so he cried to his parents.

I love how they say that he missed 4 days of schools "out of fear for his safety." How about out of embarrassment?

Someone needs to add this kid and his 25K lawsuit to the neverending email loop of the most outrageous lawsuits of alltime. (Yes, I'm talking about the email you've received 30 times in the last 7 years about the guy putting the RV on aut-pilot.)

Adam said...

Chisley was bum. Glad Joe gave him the boot!

The Duke from Dukes Court said...

Eli looks like a preacher in that picture.

The Duke from Dukes Court said...

Pirates trade Gonzo and "another player" for Adam LaRoche as reported by and the PPG.

Steeltown Mike said...

Rumor through WMBS's network is that the Nationwide ad will feature K-Fed surrounded by beautiful women as in a rap video, but it's the setup for a daydream, outside of which he is flipping burgers.