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Who Gets Mike Gonzalez?, A Suppan Offer, Worst Arenas, Aaron Gray Moves Up

The Red Sox and Yankees are arguing over Mike Gonzalez. I'm sure Dave Littlefield will find a way to somehow disappoint everyone involved. (Thanks to reader Jason for the link)
The Pirates still considering a formal offer to Jeff Suppan: 2 years, $1 million. Actually, it was probably more than that. How much more is debatable.
Daisuke Matsuzaka: a $100 million man?
Big win for the Pens last night over the Caps. I like how Versus played up Crosby vs. Ovechkin and completely ignored the presence of Evgeni Malkin. That game winner in the shootout might turn some heads.
Maxim counts down the 10 worst arenas in the U.S., and Mellon checks in at #8. (Thanks to reader Peter for the link)
The latest Allen Iverson trade destinations are weighed by SI. We all have to pull for Isiah to swing a deal for Iverson and Webber as a package.
The amazing quirks of Gilbert Arenas, gathered together in a neat little website. My favorite: During halftime of Washington Wizards games Gilbert Arenas sits at his locker and plays video poker.
Our favorite Pitt Panther moves up to #9 in the newest 2007 NBA Mock Draft.
The newest item that is in demand from our soldiers in Iraq? Silly string.


Dirty Sanchez said...

Assuming Chris Duffy can mostly replicate his late season production, I'd take him over Coco Crisp. Of course, that's also assuming Duffy doesn't have another nervous breakdown in the middle of the year too.

I know the NHL needs to establish some identities for people to follow (since the average American sports fan can't name 5 hockey players), but people are going to tire of this whole "Sid vs. Ovechkin" stuff pretty quickly. Most likely Sidney and Ovechkin. If and when Malkin puts on about 10 pounds of muscle, that kid will be absolutely unstoppable.

Anonymous said...

You know, with all the other things going on in baseball between the Yankees and Red Sox, we should be in the greatest position ever. Look what happens when they're both looking at a free agent - the price starts going higher and higher until one of them caves. If they start doing that with a trade, the offers will just get better and better until Dave craps his pants. Or, he'll crap his pants first and give him away for the first decent offer he hears.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one that still calls it "The Civic Arena"?

Anonymous said...

Lou, I still call it "The Arena," just like I did when I was 9 yrs old. I think that's OK, just don't tell the people at Mellon. Then again, since they'll be in NYC, maybe you can call it whatever you want now.

On the Buccos, I can't wait to hear how Littlefield gets taken to the cleaners by Cashman or Epstein.

Early April:

"Now starting in centerfield for your 2007 Pirates - Coco.....Crisp!"

Late May:

Now on the DL for your 2007 Pirates: C. Crisp