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Pens Update, Pitt Loses, Gonzalez Trade, Sosa Return, JoePa BDay, The Donald Vs Rosie, Troy Smith at Scores

The text of the letter Jim Balsillie sent to Mario Lemieux. Why didn't he just send it over a Blackberry?
Mario open to moving the Pens. I would make a joke, but I'm just not in the mood to laugh on this topic.
Keeping with Thursday's theme of multiple-overtime losses for Pittsburgh teams, the Penguins drop a shootout decision at Atlanta.
Pitt finds new ways to lose, dropping a tough one at #15 Oklahoma State in double OT, 95-89
Mike Gonzalez trade talks, going nowhere fast
Do you hear that sound? It's Sammy Sosa, back in the batting cages, ready to play "three or four more years". Is he the missing link in the Bucco outfield? Come on, that would be blog/sports talk gold!
JoePa turns 800...I mean... 80 years young
ESPN ranks the top two-sport (football & basketball) schools over the past five years
Of note:
Top five: 1. Texas ... 2. Florida ... 3. LSU ... 4. Oklahoma ... 5. Wisconsin
Locally: 10. Pitt ... 13. WVU ... 71. Penn State
Bottom five: 119. Florida Atlantic ... 118. Army ... 117. Florida Intl ... 116. LA-Monroe ... 114 (tie). Idaho & E. Michigan
Packers 9, Vikings 7. The Vikings manage just 104 yards of total offense. Packers fans cheer a late Favre rally. I cheer the fact that I don't get the NFL Network.
A Cincinnati Bengals Bang! cartoon parody...I think you will enjoy (thanks to Cecil for the link)
Troy Smith celebrated his Heisman Trophy win just like Howard Stern would do: he went straight to Scores
The top Yahoo Searches for NFL jerseys. Surprise, surprise, Tony Romo is #1. But how about this fact: No Steelers in the top 20.
No link here, but I thought it was worth a mention that on ESPN 1250's Sports Reporters this afternoon, Ken Laird suggested the Steelers pursue the following men as head coach candidates should Cowher leave: Bill Parcells, Charlie Weis, and Pete Carroll. What, we're not going to dig up Vince Lombardi and interview him, too? At this point, nothing surprises me from Laird, who has said on past occasions:
--the Steelers could've won the Super Bowl with Charlie Batch at QB
--NASCAR is not a sport, because it's just driving in a circle, which he does
--the Steelers would run the old Buffalo Bills K-Gun offense in 2006
At the very least, he's good at getting mentioned on blogs.
For the NBA player or exec who has millions of dollars, here are a few Christmas gifts they'll gladly accept
Donald Trump absolutely torches Rosie O'Donnell. His best quote? Arguably, I'll go with this one...
On Rosie's appearance: "If you can look as ugly as she looks ... I give her credit for having succeeding moderately."
Actress Lara Flynn Boyle married some guy I never heard of. I only mention this because of the fascinating fact that she's dated both David Spade and Jack Nicholson.


To close, a chilling simluated logo by reader APK. Better get your act together, Onoravenstahl.


Anonymous said...

I still don't see how any of this is the current mayor's fault.

Wasn't that guy a freshman in college when all this started?!

Didn't he also publicly support the IOC plan as the best plan for the region?!

He was handed this mess, he didn't make it. Now, he's just stuck trying to fix it.

I think it's pretty funny when I hear some Pens fans, in their wild post-slots license announcement bashing of anything that moves at this point, get on this guy's case.

I also feel that in a city where everyone bitches about the aging population, all of us "younger folks" should really be rooting for a 26-year-old mayor.

(PS. I do not endorse or belong to ANY political party. I do, however, wholeheartedly endorse sitting back and trying to look at things objectively once in awhile.)

Anonymous said...

By the way, I'm tired of talking about the goddamn slots license, so I'll just say this...

Rocky Balboa was actually one HELL of a lot better than I thought it would be!!

Now Steeler fans, stop worrying about ridiculous playoff scenarios. Amd Penguins fans, stop worrying about team relocation. And Pitt fans, stop worrying about losing two in a row. And Pirates fans... well you guys are probably beyond worrying at this point, and all of you go get tickets to see this movie!!!

Anonymous said...

Luke called on the Pens to support Plan B. He weakened the IOC by essentially stating that all three casino licenses would guarantee an arena.
And Luke would never testify to the gaming board that the IOC was his favorite plan. The IOC can only go by the testimony they received, not what he says on TV.
He's trying to have it both ways.

Anonymous said...

Charlie Weis has a 10 year contract at his alma mater and man boobs. As he's said: he is not leaving ND until fired or death (heart failure in 2 or 3 years).

Anonymous said...

Don't ever talk about Ken Laird on your site again. We're all dumber for having read his words.

vinnie said...

Maybe we're all dumber, but I have to agree with Ken's assessment of NASCAR, and don't tell me how hot it is in those cars and that they're pulling 3 or 4 G's when cornering.

Anonymous said...


Penn State.

A whopping 71st on the ESPN poll.

Mediocrity in football (33) coupled with their pathetic excuse for a hoops team (133) has them in an overall tie with NEW MEXICO!!!

I can't even write that without laughing aloud!

Note to the guys from ESPN, now that Steve Pederson is gone, you can go back to calling us "Pitt."

Anonymous said...

Do Pitt fans root at all for Pitt or just obsess about Penn State?

OGravy said...

We just obsess about Penn State.

And by the way, it's 2:18 and Penn State STILL sucks!

Anonymous said...

Given the debate on this site of late, Brian, and considering the "hoier than thou" mindset of many, many Penn State fans, it's especially fun to see them served a harsh dose of reality.

The numbers don't lie.

Pitt is TOP TEN.

PSU is 71.

Just like New Mexico.

Anonymous said...

I guess I just don't understand the obsession of Pitt hating Penn State and vice versa. I understood it twenty years ago, but I don't want to be like Uncle Rico. Anyhow, while I'm wasting time at work today, who do you think will eat more over the hoidays, Charlie Weiss or Mark Madden?

Adam said...

Tell me, how much of a bearing does that stupid and pointless poll have on today? It doesn't make Pitt's run defense any better. It isn't keeping Tyler Palko for a 6th season. And it isn't keeping the Panthers from choking in every big basketball game they play outside the Big East Tournament. COOOME ON! Pitt sports may look good on paper, but anyone who doesn't have their head shoved up their reclusive Pittsburgh ass knows that all Pitt has done is get embarassed on the National Level year after year after year. Let me throw some names out there: Toledo, Ohio, Bradly, Pacific, Kent St., Michigan St. At least when Penn State does their continual losing in bball, at least tthey don't do it in front of America. That said, their 7-4 recordthis season isn't exactly embarassing in a historical contxt either. Enough Pitt fans. Stop acting like the kids I go to school with and start acting like adults. If your life is so sad that you need to bicker with a 10th grader on whose team is better, you can do it on my Blog, which i am re-initiating at but please, spare Mr. Mondesi the annoyance.

Anonymous said...

yyssiJoe Paturdo Christ turned 80 today. Look at it this way, his days are numbered. Once he croaks, maybe we can finally get back to having a true rivalry! P-E-N-N S-T- SUCKS!!!!!

Adam said...

OK Mondesi fans, Ive compiled the records of the two schools programs on my blog. I think it creates a fair, statistical basis by which we can judge the past and direction of both schools. chek it out.

Anonymous said...


On the heels of the rousing success of "Rocky Balboa," the mastermind behind the "Weekend At Bernie's" movies has signed on the produce an unprecedented third film to be called....

"Weekend at JoePa's"

I've had a theory for the last few years that JoePa's been dead since 1998 and they just prop up a corpse on the field every week. I'm thrilled to see that this story is on it's rightful way to the silver screen.

(Maybe your drama club can re-enact the story in this year's talent show, Adam.)

Sean said...

OK Adam, you got me. I have a pathetic life so I'm going to argue with an "adult" 10th grader. I took a look at your site. You are EXACTLY right that Pitt basketball + football are essentially the same as Penn State basketball + football. How could we have ever doubted you? You did note that Pitt basketball is 100 games over .500 the past 5 years while Penn State basketball (with that incredible! win over Illinois) is 54 games UNDER .500. You're right, dead heat!

By the way, I would much rather lose on national TV in double OT to Oklahoma State in Oklahoma than lose at home with no TV to Stony Brook.

I'm going to go watch the New Orleans Bowl featuring Troy and Rice. It's a good thing we don't have a playoff system because this game would be meaningless.

Adam said...

I'm pretty sure i mentioned the Pitt was 100 games over .500 when i PUT IT IN THE BLOG!

And when i said "dead heat" i meant in the past year, not the past five yers. learn to read.

As for the joepa play, haha yea that was kind of funny. and i saw Rocky tonite. good movie.

Anonymous said...

How long until they get JoePa his own Popemobile and wheel him out for every game?

Adam said...

As soon as he lets us...

Derek said...

Merry Christmas man
-The Pensblog