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Dallas Clark is Mad, Vick Fined $20K, Shula Fired, Manny Trade?, 2007 NBA and NFL Mock Draft, Kid Rock Dumps Pam Over Borat,

A sad day for Jerome Bettis, as his father John died suddenly after an apparent heart attack.

Jeff Suppan back to the Pirates? Doesn't seem like a tremendously great idea.

The latest 2007 NFL Mock Draft is out, and we now see the Steelers drafting 6'4", 329 pound Texas OG Justin Blalock at #13. We're getting on the right track.

Aaron Gray is up to #17 in the latest NBA 2007 Mock Draft.

Manny being Manny may find a new home. I mean, who wouldn't want J.D. Drew instead?

Cost of Michael Vick giving his home fans the middle finger? $20,000. Cost of giving millions of football fans yet another reason to take a shot at Vick? Priceless.

That Madden 2007 commercial where Dallas Clark gets blown up again and again? Turns out, no, he's not too happy about it.

Mike Shula is fired at Alabama, and the once-proud Crimson Tide are looking for a new coach for the fourth time since 2000. Call them the Anti-Rooneys.

For all you video gamers, here's the Top 10 Cheat Code searches in one convenient article.

Sit down for this one: Kid Rock broke up with Pam Anderson over her appearance in Borat. As this article points out, "The star of Joe Dirt and Biker Boyz is looking down on Pam because of her movie choices?"

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