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Belichick vs Vinatieri, Lemieux/Chuck Norris, Bill Simmons NBA Preview, Frustrated Jeff Fisher, 15 Funniest of 2006

Bill Belichick, when not auditioning for Mr. Blackwell's worst-dressed list, seems to have a little bad blood towards Adam Vinatieri.
I know I'm late on this, but if you haven't seen the Pensblog's Mario Lemieux/Chuck Norris list, check it out now.
Chad Johnson announces he's one of the top three receivers in Cincinnati
Bill Simmons offers his 2006 NBA Preview, a two-part extravaganza. On the rare subject of the NBA on Mondesi's House, do Pittsburghers really care that much about the Cavaliers? So much that Fox Pittsburgh is broadcasting games this year?
Jeff Fisher sounds pretty frustrated about Spitballer PacMan Jones
Cracked lists their 15 funniest people of 2006. Amazingly, Dennis Green did not make the cut.


Anonymous said...

I'd rather watch Cavs games than The Best Damn Sports Show Period.

Pie said...

Polevaultking, or whoever you are, I totally agree with you.

The Best Damn Sports Show Period is the worst damn sports show ever.

Bic said...
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Bic said...

There's no way anyone will get into the NBA with Pitt being so good this year and PSU starting to rise from the dead.

Why watch a boring brand of basketball where defense is unheard of when you could watch a much more exciting college game?

It might make for some good background noise or something though.

E Buzz said...

That list of funny people is awful.

Ferrall is the only one on it who come sclose to being funny.

Tina Fey? Jack Black? I wanna punch him in the face.

Anonymous said...

That Lemieux/Chuck Norris list is sad attempt at humor.

It sounds like the kind of garbage you'd see on the "Yo Momma" on MTV - would be funny, if you were 10 yrs old.

Anonymous said...

Also, I agree - nothing could be sillier than broadcasting Cavs' game in Pittsburgh.

Fox Sports Pittsburgh paid a rights fee to the Cavs to broadcast the games in the Pittsburgh market.

This move was probably made by the same bozo at FSN who fired Mike Lange.

Watch the ratings for the Cavs' telecasts in Pittsburgh. I'll be they're on par with "Quite Frankly with Stephen A. Smith."

Anonymous said...


the new beast of the East is the Louisville Cardinals.

Anonymous said...

I kinda of think Yo Momma would be funny if Lindsay Lohan ex Boyfriend wouldn't be hosting it...

Whats wrong with 10 year-old humor..?