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Vince Carter at Duquesne?

I don't know how I missed this one, but Half-Man, Half-Amazing Himself was in the Burgh recently to support the Duquesne Basketball program.
I generally did not care much for after hearing that he told opponents what plays his team was running while in Toronto. And he generally seemed like the typical, me-first superstar that the NBA has come to represent. I don't know the entire story behind this other than the article I read, but this seemed like a pretty decent thing to do.
Duquesne will certainly be an interesting team to follow this year. New coach Ron Everhart gutted the existing roster and brought in virtually an entire team of new recruits, some very highly regarded. I have no doubt that the incident has brought the team together, and I think they will show some major improvement this season.
It will be hard to grab any hoops headlines away from the Panthers this season, but I would keep my eyes on the Dukes down the road.

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