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The Steelers Are Guilty of Pride

Yahoo just tossed out a "Seven Deadly Sins of Football" article as the lead on their front page. Yes, the Steelers were mentioned. Here is a snippet:
"Remember the blue collar, hard hat mentality that typified the Steelers? It's fading. If you haven't noticed, the Steelers spent the offseason loving themselves on multiple levels. There were the "we're-too-smart-for-our-own-good" personnel moves like failing to complete a trade for bruising back T.J. Duckett in favor of finding a short-yardage guy within the roster (the attempt failed). And lest we forget, at a time when every team in the league had red-flagged draft prospect Santonio Holmes, the Steelers tabbed him as the guy who would soften the loss of wide receiver Antwaan Randle El (it might take a few seasons). "

Why was Kanye West at the White House ceremony?

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Anonymous said...

The over-rated Holmes was a waste of a good draft pick.

It'll take a few season for sure and then his big head will think he needs to break the bank for more mean child support.