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Sienna Strikes Again, Cory Lidle, Borat, Alec Baldwin, Bill Simmons vs Tiger

Sienna Miller struck again this weekend, as she snuck past a bouncer at Folino's Young's Tavern in the South Side. If these incidents are all staged to publicize her movie, it's working.
(Post Gazette)
Borat is getting so big worldwide, he's affecting the outcome of soccer matches (link with video, via (

Alec Baldwin chews out a cop for not letting him past a security checkpoint at the Cory Lidle accident scene. (Deadspin)

I never knew this, but Cory Lidle was actually a baseball pariah for years because of a one inning pitched in a 1995 spring training game when he
crossed the picket line. (Gelflog)'s Bill Simmons played Tiger Woods at his own videogame (ESPN Page 2)

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