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Pam Anderson and Mark Madden?

The men of Pam Anderson are a distinguished group of famous actors, models, and musicians. Tommy Lee. Scott Baio. Bret Michaels. Marcus Schenkenberg. Dean Cain. Vince Neil. Sylvester Stallone. Kid Rock. Mark Madden. Mark Madden?
No, Mark didn't steal Pam from Kid Rock, but he did host her on his afternoon sports talk show Wednesday afternoon. But she wasn't there to dissect the Steelers' struggles or talk about the benefits of the Isle of Capri plan; this was strictly a business appearance. She was there to promote, a new poker website. I had no idea Pam was into poker; I thought that was more of an Anna Benson thing. But I'm sure Pam is pocketing plenty of cash in the process.
Madden covered a wide range of topic with Anderson, from sports to her film career and even PETA. He asked the well-known animal advocate if the painting of dogs playing cards was in some way unethical to animals. She sounded pretty much like you would think Pam Anderson would sound when interviewed by a sports talk host. It was a pretty entertaining interview, and certainly beat listening to lowbrow Steeler callers, even if for just a few minutes.
It should be noted that Mark gave a nice mention during the same show to Mondesi's House for the piece I recently wrote on Big Ben, as he read the better portion of the article. He provided plenty of mentions, for which I am very grateful. So Mondesi's House welcomes the MFers (Madden Followers) visiting for the first time today.


Anonymous said...

does anyone here play
If a few people do, it would be cool to compete against each other.

Anonymous said...

Madden is a blow hard.