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The Mondesi Mailbag

Mondesi's House is not quite at the Bill Simmons level of emails yet, but we do get our share, as they are always encouraged. They are kind of all over the board, from profanity-laced tirades to some general questions about my opinions. Here are a few from this week's mailbag. Anyone with answers or opinions, please post in the comments section. And if you have a question for the Mondesi Mailbag, drop me a line at
Josh from writes:
"This is a shot of ESPN Sunday NFL Countdown today during a story on T.O. returning to Philly (what else?) of Savran on Sportsbeat's own fantasy guru Duane "The Brain" Cahill outside Pat's Steaks singing the praises of a certain City of Brotherly Love. This might be the biggest shocker since Nick Perry pulled a 6-6-6 ball!"

Next, we have an email suggestion from loyal reader Eric: a Fantasy WPIAL Football League. I think now, I've officially heard everything. But I would not doubt that there would be some interested readers, so please let me know and I will pass along the information.

Anton from Pittsburgh is looking for some "Pittsburgh" food ideas for a Steelers party this weekend, and specifically, a good receipe for Chipped Ham BBQ. I know you guys don't live on beer alone. Any party favorites to recommend?

Dan, from Fogelsville, PA, a former Pitt student, wonders "Why does every Steelers fan hate the Eagles? I don't get it. Most people in Philly kinda like the Steelers."

I gave him my answer, but I'd be interested to get the reader take on this question.

Finally, I may be retiring at the tender young age of 29. I received a very exciting email today:

"I am Mr. Aka Okolo, Branch Manager with United Bank For Africa, ILupejuBranch, Lagos, Nigeria. I have an urgent and very profitable business proposition for you that should be handled with extreme confidentiality. On January 6, 1998, a Foreign Consultant and contractor with the Nigerian Railway Corporation, Mr. Abbas Raymond by name, made a numbered time Fixed Deposit for twelve calendar months valued at US$15.6M (Fifteen Million, Six Hundred United States Dollars Only) in my branch.

This sum of US $15.6M has been carefully moved out of my bank to a Financial and Security Company in Europe for safekeeping. No one will ever come forward to claim it and according to the Law of my country, at the expiration of 7 years the money will revert to the ownership of the State (Government) if nobody applies to claim the fund. This prompted i to contact you. We want to front you as the next of kin of our late client thereby making you the legal beneficiary of the sum of $15.6 million U.S Dollars that is presently in a Financial and Security Company in Europe."

Now I know this deal is confidential, and I've probably ruined it by posting it on this site, but I thought you might want to know in advance. Much like the inspiration for this site, I could inherit money by doing virtually nothing. And even if I cash in, I want you to know that I'll still do Mondesi's House.


Anonymous said...

"Most people in Philly kinda like the Steelers..."

That's nonsense.

Philly fans, and Philly residents, in general, are nothing more than jealous heathens. A Steeler fan must put himself in the shoes of a Philadelphian to understand my point:

You live in Philly. You root for a loser team like the Eagles. Your city was once the capital of the country, until the capital was moved down 95 to Washington, DC.

Your city has some final cultural offerings, but cannot comapre to "The Capital of the World," NYC, which is right up 95 in the other direction.

Of course, Philly has some fine academic institutions, all of which pale in comparison to the world-class colleges and universities even further up the coast in Boston.

In the grand scheme of things, Philly is so insignificant that DELTA and US AIRWAYS, who each operate hourly shuttles from DC to NYC to Boston and back, completely overlook the City of Brotherly Love on their commuter schedules.

With Philadelphia clearly established as the "Red-headed Stepchild of the East Coast," Philadelphians are left to look within the state of Pennsylvania to find superiority, but to no avail.

Independence Hall, Liberty Bell, Rocky Statue.....who cares?

I'll take 5 Super Bowl rings in a heartbeat.

As would they.

-Cecil From Cecil

Anonymous said...

Why do Steelers fans hate the Eagles?

Do we really hate the Eagles? Most things NFC just dont concern Steelers fans until the Super Bowl.

Anonymous said...

"Pittsburgh" food ideas:

Chipped ham BBQ = Chipped ham + Ketchup + brown sugar

Pittsburgh Salads: Salad, french fries, cheese, grilled steak or chicken.

Golumpkis (Cabbage rolls):
Cabbage, ground pork and beef, tomato sauce


Anonymous said...

I'll kill myself if there's a WPIAL Fantasy League

Anonymous said...

I certainly didn't hate the Eagles last week, I LOVED them. Of course, when they signed that moron T.O., well as Newman used to say, "I loathed them."

Congratulations Raul on inheriting this Jabrones millions!!!!!

Anonymous said...

There's 2 types of people in Pennsylvania, those from Pittsburgh and those who WISH they were from Pittsburgh.

Anonymous said...

Jason- don't forget Pittsburgh style steak -- just touch the steak to the grill and serve.

Anonymous said...

I always thought it was the opposite.

Most Steeler fans I know don't really care one way or the other about the Eagles.

But every Eagle fan from Philly I've met gets all bent out of shape when I tell them I'm a Steeler fan.

So it always seemed to me like the hatred was one-way, but I thought that hatred went from Philly to Pittsburgh.

In fact, I always thought it was funny that Eagle fans hated us so much when most of us really don't care about the Eagles.

But hell, I've been known to be wrong a time or two.

Anonymous said...

A WPIAL fantasy league? I'll bet Deuce is behind that, if he's still around ...

Anonymous said...


I have a plan. Get this guys millions then divide it amongst all of your loyal fans!

I'm sure that he needs several thousand dollars to handle the costs of transferring the money, legal fees, wire fees, etc. So any one that wants a cut should send a grand to you and then they'll be cut in on the loot! C'mon everybody, let's get this cash out of Africa and back to the good old U.S. of A. where it belongs!!!!

I didn't know there was that much money in all the banks in Africa combined! The exotic animal trade must be way up. Good for them!!!!!

vinnie said...

I always tell people who complain that Steelers fans at Heinz Field are too rowdy to go to an Eagles game sometime. I can't speak on the Linc, but they had an arraignment court in the basement of the Vet on game days. I for one don't hate the Eagles although in the NFC I was always more of a Skins fan (at least until Dan "Can I buy a Lombardi trophy" Snyder bought the team).