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Monday Morning Wrapup

Penn State 12, Purdue 0- Another exciting Saturday afternoon of Big 10 football. And in Pittsburgh, we were treated to four of the five conference games on TV. A lineup like that is what inspired me to watch the Maloof Bros/Matt Damon horror flick Feast on DVD instead.
Bears 41, 49ers 10- Why does every good Bears team get compared to the 1985 team? And if the 1985 team was so incredible, why did they only win one title? In 20 years, will a good Ravens team be compared to the 2000 team?

Falcons 29, Bengals 27- How does the NFL uniform police even allow Chad Johnson to wear his faux "Ocho Sinco" on the back of his jersey for warmups? Is Michael Vick going to send a Christmas card to the NFL for scheduling these games against the AFC North?

Jags 13, Eagles 6- Byron Leftwich is too immobile, so he gets benched for Tim Tebow, and the Jaguars are relevant again, at least in their minds. Donovan McNabb manages not to vomit on camera as the Eagles fall to 4-4. By the way, did you know they make cheesesteaks in Philadelphia? I just thought I'd drop that in, as broadcasters do each and every week that the Eagles play at home.

Ravens 35, Saints 22- The Spirit of New Orleans, which always gets a lift following a Saints win, must be devastated tonight. "Savior of the City" Reggie Bush's line: 5 carries, 16 yards; 4 catches, 5 yards; one back-breaking interception in the end zone. Tomorrow, Drew Brees gets booed when he goes to Emeril's.

Chiefs 35, Seahawks 28- The Chiefs continue to play well when not attending Passion Parties the night before. Larry Johnson's 155 yards and 4 TDs pull fantasy leaguers who chose him #1 overall off the ledge for one week.

Chargers 38, Rams 24- If Marty Schottenheimer's Chargers and Peyton Manning's Colts met in the playoffs, is there a scenario where they could somehow both lose?

Colts 34, Broncos 31- Paging Mercury Morris for the annual "call me when they're in our neighborhood" interview.

Browns 20, Jets 13- Cleveland prohibits the Jets moving to 5-3 and starting the unnecessary playoff discussion. Meanwhile, Chad Pennington is back to sucking again, as his 108-yard, 2-INT performance will attest to.

Cowboys 35, Panthers 14 - Just one start, and John Madden has already compared Tony Romo to Joe Montana. Notice, he did not say Brett Favre. That would take at least two starts.

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