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Monday Morning Wrapup

Rutgers 20, Pitt 10- ANOTHER big-game loss for Pitt. Yes, I know they're rebuilding. But the storyline is the same, again and again, year after year. Michigan State. Nebraska. Notre Dame. Fiesta Bowl. Miami. I think West Virginia might run for 400 yards on November 16.
Penguins 5, Columbus 3- Pittsburgh is on the verge of full-fledged Malkin Mania, with a goal in each of his first three games. Jordan Staal chips in with two goals, including one on a penalty shot. Staal becomes the first player since 1982 to score his first three NHL goals when his team was shorthanded. At least one team is playing well in this city.
Penn State 26, Illinois 12- The Lions were outgained by the Fighting Zooks, 363-184, but somehow managed to pull this one out. Illinois obviously took notes on the Bears-Cardinals game last week, because they allowed PSU just 40 yards on the ground.
Houston 27, Jacksonville 7- Is this the same Jacksonville team that cried about not being respected a few weeks ago? Thought so.
Kansas City 30, San Diego 27- Is this the same Kansas City team that got blown out by the Steelers last week? Beating the same San Diego team that physically manhandled the Steelers? Does anything in the NFL make sense?
Oakland 22, Arizona 9- Last week, Matt Leinart became a True Cardinal. It's a lot like becoming a True Yankee, only instead of winning a World Series to earn your wings, you lose in excruciating fashion. This week, he started playing like a True Cardinal, throwing 2 picks while losing to Oakland, who hadn't won since November 20, 2005. Edgerrin James adds 35 yards on 13 carries. Did anyone crown Oakland?
Tampa Bay 23, Philadelphia 21- The Bruce Gradkowski watch is on: a 2-1 record, beating Cincinnati and Philadelphia in the process. It helps that his team has a kicker capable of nailing a 62-yard field goal.
Denver 17, Cleveland 7- The Browncos (Kennard Lang, Gerard Warren, Ebenezer Ekuban, Michael Myers and Quincy Morgan) took down their old employer, allowing just their 2nd touchdown of the season in the process. Cleveland stays just one game off the pace of the defending Super Bowl champions.
Green Bay 34, Miami 24- Joey Blue Skies throws for 414 yards but falls to 0-3 as the Dolphins starter. Nick Saban has proven one thing to me: he is not very good at signing free agent QBs.
Indianapolis 36, Washington 22- The Colts are off to their annual 6-0 start, so aren't we due for some interviews from the '72 Dolphins one of these days?
New England 28, Buffalo 6- At 5-1, how bad do the Patriots really miss Deon Branch?
Jets 31, Detroit 24- The Lions sit at 1-6 under new coach Rod Marinelli. You can bring back Chuck Noll in his prime and he wouldn't do much better with the roster FireMillen has assembled.

The first four minutes of the Borat movie- After this weekend of football, we need something to lift our spirits.


Anonymous said...

I'm thinking that the Raiders are who we thought they were!

Russell Lucas said...

If only the Falcons and Mr. Mexico had been distracted by sparkly sex toys the night before yesterday's game.

You better believe I'm cross-booking the dildo chicks into the hotels where Stiller opponents are staying for the remainder of this sorry season. The 12th man needs to intervene.

Bic said...

If Pitt can't stop Drew Stanton and Ray Rice (good RB but we knew he was gonna run it all along) then Pat White and Steve Slaton are going to anally rape us.

Here's what the Pitt lineup will look like in 2 years though when L'ville, WVU, and NJ State return to Heinz...

QB- Bill Stull, Sr.
HB- Larod Stephens-Howling, Sr.
FB- Conredge Collins, Sr.
WR- TJ Porter, Jr.
WR- Oderick Turner, Jr.
TE- Nate Byham, Jr.
LT- Joe Thomas, Jr.
LG- Chris Jacobson, So.
C- CJ Davis, Sr.
RG- Jason Pinkston, Jr.
RT- John Bachman, Sr.

DE- Doug Fulmer, Jr.
DT- John Malecki, Jr.
DT- Gus Mustakas, Sr,
DE- McKenzie Matthews, Jr.
OLB- Tommie Campbell, Sr.
MLB- Greg Webster, So.
OLB- Dom DeCicco, So.
CB- Aaron Berry, Jr.
CB- Javoni Chappel, Jr.
FS- Michael Thatcher, Sr.
SS- Elijah Fields, Jr.

Not bad at all...

Anonymous said...

No Dorin Dickerson on that lineup? What, is he going to be in the NFL by then?

As much as I like Stephens-Howling, he's destined to be a 3rd-down/change of pace back. Wanny loves battering rams and will recruit one by then.

The way he recruits there will definitely be some freshmen/sophmores that we don't know about starting by then.

Anonymous said...

Wanny's basically doing the job right now with all of Walt Harris's recruits.

So this really isn't even close to his vision for Pitt football yet. This is just him making due with what he has. Not saying they suck or anything: Palko, Blades, and especially Revis and a few others will be playing on Sundays next year.

But, correct me if I'm wrong, but Stephens-Howling seems more like a "Walt Harris" type of guy to me. I think Wanny probably envisions us having a bigger back than Larrod in the future.

By the way, I seem to remember Wanny squeezing a few recruits, maybe 4 or 5, of his own into the 2005 class right after he got hired in late-2004.

I'm pretty sure Bill Stull was one of them. Who were the others? Or have I just been snorting too much coke again and imagining all this stuff?

Anonymous said...

John Bachman
Doug Fulmer
Shane Brooks
Shane Murray
Conredge Collins
Gus Mustakas
CJ Davis
Mick Williams
John Pelusi
Cedric McGee
Bill Stull

These are the guys that committed (and qualified) after Wanny was hired that year. Not bad for about a months worth of work.