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Terrell Owens 911 Call and more

A certain Dallas receiver has 25 million reasons to live. He had a bad night earlier this week, and his publicist pointed the finger at Dallas' Finest. Here is the actual 911 call that got released...oops. Memo to the masses, lest you forget again: do not mess with Texas.
Owens 911 call (Dallas Morning News)

The Philadelphia Inquirer's Blog cited Mondesi's House in a story about Owens. They must have liked the "starved wolves" comment.
T.O., Take 2 (Philadelphia Inquirer Blinq)
Meanwhile, Deadspin point out the fact that Owens broke up with his fiancee this week. Might have something to do with his disposition.
That Bill Simmons column I mentioned yesterday? It's safe to say that Bill has lost a few fans over the years

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