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Post a Link - Win $$$ and get FREE STUFF!

In celebration of the three-month mark, it's about time for some more Mondesi contests. Seriously, Mondesi, why have you been so cheap lately?
The Steel City Auctions trivia contest was a success, but I felt like trying something different. So I racked my brain and came up with a new contest: The Mondesi Link Challenge.
My goal is to have Mondesi's House linked to as many sites, blogs, and message boards as possible. I think we have such a great, growing community here and even more people should know about it.
The rules are simple: Each time you place a link on your site, mention it in a blog entry, or post on a message board, you will receive one entry in the drawing. Once you have placed the link, send an email with the web address to
One winner chosen at random will receive a check (or Paypal, if they prefer) for $50.00 upon completion of the contest...but that's not all!
EVERY ENTRY in this contest will receive (1) randomly chosen Upper Deck Steelers Super Bowl commemorative card or Sidney Crosby Upper Deck rookie card FOR FREE, courtesy of I'll even cover the shipping. Just be sure to include your name and address along with your email.
I have a total of 500 cards set aside for this promotion, so there is a limit of 5 per household and this is only valid while supplies last. Existing links as of this writing are eligible but must submit their name via email if they are interested in this promotion or wish to receive their free card.

I'll validate every link at the time of posting and at the time of drawing to ensure that there is actually a valid link to the correct URL. I reserve the right to remove any entries which I feel don't comply with this requirement.

The deadline for entries is midnight EST on Thursday, October 5, 2006. I'll post a comment to this article when the deadline has been reached. The winner of drawing will be announced on Friday October 6th. The winner will be chosen totally at random and the winner's name and site will be posted after the completion of the contest. Good luck to all!

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