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Is Big Ben Underrated?

So says Joe Starkey, in his latest column. Starkey takes umbrage with those in the football media who fail to recognize #7 as one of the top four QBs in the league.

Starkey, a recent addition to ESPN Radio 1250 in Pittsburgh, was the subject of conversation on the network's own Dan Patrick Show this afternoon. Dan and partner Keith Knowitollberman dissected Starkey's argument, and Keith immediately brought up Johnny Unitas, lest we forget that Keith is the most historically rich broadcaster in the media today.

Dan asked if Ben was a top-five quarterback, which, proving Starkey's argument, he said he was not. Predictably, he liked Carson Palmer better. He then brought up the argument of the "system quarterback", and then immediately noted that Joe Montana, while technically a "system quarterback", has seemed to avoid the label. Where he was going with this, I'm not really sure.

I think Ben does what's asked of him, and he has a 27-4 record and Super Bowl ring to show for it. I believe he's totally capable of winning a game on his own, and I think he made all the difference in the championship run. I have grown weary of stories of Carson Palmer's awesomeness and how much better he is than Ben. Yes, Carson's a great QB. But until he can post a career resume like that of Roethlisberger, I think arguing Palmer is better is futile. Thoughts?


Anonymous said...

From what I can gather after weeks of listening to Sirius NFL Radio and watching every NFL channel available, the so-called NFl experts look at the Steelers 2005 season as a fluke. Well, this lack of respect should play well for Steeler players as an added incentive week in/week out. Bring on the NFL! I see a Repeat!

Anonymous said...

people should just shut up about carson palmer.

what's worse is that I heard people actually predicting a Bengles/Cardinals superbowl.


Anonymous said...

Do you really care what any of these "experts" opinions are? They are so off base 3/4ths of the time that you should just flat out ignore them.

Case in point: Yesterday before the Steelers game, I heard four different commentators not even listing the Steelers as a PLAYOFF team! Tell me today that the Steelers don't look like a playoff team...with their backup quarterback at the helm!

Anonymous said...

I always felt that there's a difference between a great "passer" and a great "quarterback".

Dan Marino - (even though I love the guy) Great Passer.

John Elway - Great Quarterback

Dan Fouts - Great Passer

Joe Montana - Great Quarterback

Peyton Manning - Great Passer

Tom Brady - (hate to say it but) Great Quarterback

Carson Palmer - Great Passer

Big Ben - Great Quarterback

See where I'm goin here? Passing is probably the biggest part of quarterbacking, without a doubt. But there's still more to being a QB than just being a great passer.