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An Evgeni Malkin Update

ESPN 1250 is reporting that Penguins rookie Evgeni Malkin is expected to miss 3-6 months with a seperated shoulder. The doctor has recommended surgery, and right now the Pens are seeking a second opinion.

For those of you who missed it, here is the hit again (video link).

By the way, ESPN 1250 has also reported that Mario Lemieux could be taking the Penguins back off the market in the near future. I can't say I blame him, especially after our new mayor reversed field on his arena stance after arriving in office.


Anonymous said...

Everyone told Evgeni not to fuck with the Russian mob!!

Now look what they've done!

Lockedown said...

The good news for Malkin is at least he will be treated in an American hospital and not back alley clinic in St. Petersburg.

Anonymous said...

Wow. You believe Mark Madden? Oh wait, of course you do -- since you steal all your material from him.

By the way, Madden's past predictions of Kovy signing and the Hrdina for Zubrus trade should come to pass any day now.

Anonymous said...

I love the Mondesi Hating Madden Follower. He hates your site, but keeps reading and writing comments to tell you how much he hates you. Wouldn't the better solution be to not read this?

The last time I checked, Jim Colony reads their news, not Mark Madden. Someone has a fixation!

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous, Raul doesn't steal material from Madden. In fact he disagrees with him most of the time. Also, quoting and attributing a radio news story is not stealing material. You sound like a real moron, so instead of complaining about nothing why don't you just read something else and shut up?