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Darren Perry Likes the Silverback Picture

One of the greatest-selling items in the history of my business has been the James Harrison Browns Bodyslam picture. I kid you not, at a charity auction I did a few months ago, this picture sold for $75- unsigned.

We recently had a run on these from ambitious autograph hawks trying to get these inked at training camp. If you can track down Silverback to sign this, you've created a family heirloom for generations. People just lose their minds when they see this picture. Apparently, so do former players. Here's an in-person account of a recent trip to training camp from one of my customers, who was nice enough to include a photo of the encounter.

"It was so great, I couldn't get James to even look at me let alone autograph this picture, but lucky for me Darren Perry saw it after practice on Aug 7th (my birthday) and liked the picture so much that he went and got James personally and brought him to where i was standing and James signed it. He didn't sign for anyone else. IT WAS GREAT! "

Imagine once again the situation. You're drunk, you're dressed head to toe in Browns gear, and you get bodyslammed by this guy. That's what you call a bad day.

So there you a sea of a billion yinzers, the James Harrison bodyslam photo is still an attention grabber. And when he eventually takes Joey Porter's job, that picture's going to be worth even more.

We're always looking for your in-person encounters/photos...I, as well as the readers, seem to find them oddly fascinating. Feel free to send them to or direct me to your site if they are posted.


Anonymous said...

Yup, instant classic, I mean the guy even had Brwons socks on for crying out loud.

Anonymous said...

That's a sweet Terrible Towel headwrap

Unknown said...

I can't wait until Silverback takes over for that big mouth Joey Porter. Can you imagine the nerve of that guy pouting over a contract that's paying him almost $4 million this year? That just goes to show you the nature of people; You can pay a man $4 million and he'll still find something to be unhappy about.

Anonymous said...

It was so hot that day, I soaked my terrible towel in water and wrapped in on my head. James was super nice, signed a team photo for me also.