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The Colts Beat the Colts...In Their Minds

"They won. They are the champions and I respect them. But the Pittsburgh Steelers did not beat the Colts. The Colts beat the Colts. Let's go play again. Right now."

That's Colts Offensive Line Coach Howard Mudd in the
Indianapolis Star.

Howard Mudd, now in the class of Mike Holmgren and the city of Cincinnati, OH

Can someone refresh me...did the Steelers actually beat anyone in the playoffs? As far as I can see, Seattle claims they were robbed, Cincinnati claims they were robbed, and now, Indianapolis says the Colts beat the Colts. At least Mike Shanahan has some modicum of class in losing.


Anonymous said...

That's funny how Shanahan was the classy one in the playoff run. After all, he was the one that so aptly pointed out all of the Steelers chop-blocks when he was called to task.

There's one person that agrees with Mudd though, and that is the always classy, Peyton Manning. According to him, there were 21 people that didn't play good enough to beat the Steelers. I love the highlight of Porter sacking him with his arms around his neck.

Lockedown said...

All of the mistakes made by the Colts were caused by the Steelers!! I don't think the Colts had any turnovers, so how the hell did they beat themselves? If the Colts beating themselves constitutes giving up long passing plays and lack of communication on pass protection...then yeah the Colts beat themselves.

SAMO said...

Hey Peyton Manning...I dare you to win a big game.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, right, Howard, the Colts beat themselves ... with some of the worst coaching in a playoff game ever, especially with the offensive line schemes. That's basically what Petty Peyton said, right? Look in the mirro, Howard. No wonder your name is Mudd.

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute. Didn't the Colts give up five sacks to the Steelers that day after giving up 20 all year? Yeah, the Colts beat themselves all right, if you call poor blocking technique and poor game planning beating yourself.

Here's a novel approach to a playoff loss: They beat us, they knocked our blocks off. They were hungrier. They were the better team that day. They're the champs, we lost.

What is it with these guys, are they all too big to admit a defeat?