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Breaking News: Myron Cope in Accident

Longtime Steeler broadcaster Myron Cope was involved in a five-car accident on I-279 (inbound) in Pittsburgh today. More details will be sure to follow. ESPN Radio 1250's Mark Madden has taken the high road, speculating that Cope was drunk. This speculation from a guy who's broadcasting his show from a car wash today.


Anonymous said...

Maybe after he gets his car out of this pileup Myron can then go and crash his car into Madden's car wash? Sounds like a winner to me

Anonymous said...

screw myron cope. seriously. he was a jackass who caused a 'quadruple yoi' car pileup. i watched the horror unfold on kdka while i was enjoying a hamburger at the local grease pit. as if bob barker wasn't enough to stomach beforehand, i seriously lost my lunch and my mind when they actually interviewed cope live on the air. to make matters worse, myron cope caused a four mile backup on the parkway on friday night while everyone stared in awe at paul 'i was wearing bob pompeani's black and gold glasses for a day' martino as he practically stands in the right lane of the road for a live report. i'm sure he told our concerned 'steeler nation' that this was the very spot that myron cope had his fender bender FIVE FREAKIN HOURS before. i hope some of you caught this emmy-award winning news report accompanied by me blaring my horn as i drove by.

Anonymous said...

That was funny Wes. Hm ha