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A Great First Day -- Thank you!

WOW! What an incredible first day we had. Tons of hits, plenty of nice mentions and links, and even a few comments.

Thanks go out to some of the beacons of the sports blog & talk genre who helped make this happen. I truly appreciate that you found my work interesting:, the gold standard of sports blogs, who provided a mention in their Blogdome column

ESPN Radio 1250 in Pittsburgh, especially "
The Mark Madden Show", guest-hosted by Tim Benz, who read the "10 Worst" column on-air and discussed in some detail.

Where Have You Gone Andy Van Slyke, with a mention on their front page. Honestly, I had no idea they just mentioned Raul on their site, but a pretty cool coincidence nonetheless.

The Mighty MJD, who provided a permanent link.

Please keep spreading the word, and let me know if you would like your link added. I have plenty of material so check back often!


Anonymous said...

That might be the best first day that any individual blogger has ever had... Congrats.

C_Reg said...

No shit I feel worthless.