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--The big news of the day is Jordan Staal getting arrested for disorderly conduct after a bachelor party gone wild in Minnesota. When compared to some of the other things going on in sports, this was pretty tame. Frankly, the news of an 18-year-old getting drunk isn't exactly uncommon. Let's just hope he learns some better judgment in the future.
--The Pittsburgh Pirates, MLB's version of Groundhog Day, lose yet again, this time a 6-3 decision to the Mets. Just think, friends: only 63 more games to go.
--Ian Snell is officially my favorite Pirate after his expletive-filled tirade declaring that he doesn't want to be called a loser. Of course, the Pirates will probably frown on this and try and trade Snell to Toronto in a few days.
--Jerame Tuman/Brian St. Pierre/Ben Roethlisberger impersonator Brian Jackson is sentenced to 90 days in jail. He got 1 day for impersonating Roethlisberger, 10 days for impersontating Tuman, and 79 days for impersonating St. Pierre.
--Steelers + fireworks = our worst fears realized.
--I've been saying this for a long time, but it carries a bit more weight when SI's Stewart Mandel says it: The ACC is not as good as advertised. Check out some of these stats:
∙ Last season, the ACC went 6-16 against opponents from other BCS conferences.
∙ The conference is 3-31 against top-10 opponents since 2000.
∙ Its league champion has lost in its bowl game seven straight years.
--Barry being Barry costs Mr. Bonds an estimated $28 million in annual endorsements. is running a bracket of MLB mascots. And the Pirates' Jolly Roger is getting worked over in his matchup with the Padres' Swinging Friar.
--Watch the organized chaos of some Steelers basketball, including the great Big Ben bricking a dunk. As the author of this post noted, one of these days a player is going to get injured in a game like this. I can't wait for the knee-jerk "Why do the Steelers allow their players to participate in these games" debate afterwards.
--Get to know Henry E. Hudson, the tough-but-fair judge in the Michael Vick case.
--In the light of Mike Coolbaugh's death by line-drive, here's an argument for nets in baseball stadiums.
--Spike TV's Pittsburgh-based Kill Point will also be available in free online-game form.
--Congrats to the Penn State Nittany Lions. In addition to a 2007 schedule featuring the three lowest-ranked programs in college football (Temple, Buffalo and Florida International), they're closing in on the #1 spot in this year's EDSBS Fulmer Cup. What's the Fulmer Cup, you ask?
The Fulmer Cup is an award given to the NCAA or NAIA institution whose exemplary efforts to recruit the most capable Football players results in the most frequent embarrassing and illegal mishaps off or on the field. Players can earn points for their University or College by engaging in illegal or stupid activities off the field and committing penalties on the field that invite legal prosecution. Institutions and Boosters can earn points by illegally recruiting or providing an environment where their Student-Athlete's illegal activities are either encouraged or ignored. The Fulmer Cup recognizes the difference between NCAA penalties and criminal penalties, but all types of infractions and occurances accumulate points toward a final Cup total.

--Check out the Sports Pickle online store. It's got the most entertaining product write-ups ever seen by man.

--If you're a parent and you don't want to be interrupted with the hassles that come with a seven-year old child, what do you do? This Green Bay Packer-loving couple thought it would be a good idea to lock him in his room with a loaf of bread, peanut butter & jelly, and a pee bucket for six hours...on every Packers game day.

--Tim Donaghy. Michael Vick. Barry Bonds. The top scandals of 2007 are nothing next to the news that one of my favorite shows, Discovery's Man Vs. Wild, is fake. But a consolation prize was finding out that host Bear Grylls named his kid "Marmaduke".

--Breaking news from the Sports Pickle: "Pacman Jones Suspended Another Year for Michael Vick’s Role In Dog-Fighting Ring"

--Terrelle Pryor checks in at #3 in ESPN's 2008 RecruitTracker.

--Have you seen the 8-year-old Reggie Bush yet? If not, then you've got to watch this video.

--Nothing says bizarre like this Youtube video of a Phillipine prison re-creating Michael Jackson's Thriller video.


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Adam said...

Well, the hits just keep on coming, don't they? Before I get to the what are becoming daily attacks on Penn State on this blog, I'd like to address the ACC.

This is a classic example of a Big East fan grasping at straws to justify their horrible conf.

Sure, the ACC went 6-16 against non-conf. top 25 teams. Thats a .375 winning %.

The Big East went 1-3, thats a .250 clip.

Put aside the wins a losses a second though. The ACC played 22 ranked opponents. The Big East played 4.

That figure illustates the greater respect the other big conf. have for the ACC, but lack for the Big East. Sure, the ACC is probably second tier going into this season behind the SEC, Big 10, and Pac-10, but they are no where near the depths of the Big East.

So, I hope you guys still feel taller after that hit piece on another legitimately better conf. than your own.

Pitt fans like to critisize PSU for thinking hey are "back" after 2 good seasons following their well documented struggles, but its funny that those same fans are willing to anoint Rutgers after ONE good season in which they didnt play/beat a single top 25 team outside the Big East. They treat them like a conf. savior after 100+ years as a college football doormat.

I still consider the Big East like a cup of cofee from a Starbucks knockoff. The cream at the top may be just as good as anyone elses, but the rest of the coffee just sucks. I'll stick with the Starbucks, which in this case, is the ACC.

Now, on to the continued direct shots at Penn State.

First off, the schedule.

Sure, we've got three REALLY bad teams coming in this season, but:

#1 Did anyone forget Notre Dame? The team that just went to 2 straight BCS bowls? Yes, they got blown out, but they're hardly slouches.

#2 Finally, PSU is getting the I-AA programs off the schedule. OSU plays Youngstown St. this year, and Michigan entertains Appalachain St.

#3 Non-conf scheduling is cyclical. This year, our schedule sucks. Two years ago, we brought in 2 Big East teams, which, if you read this blog, are two powerhouses.

#4 As a Pitt fan, you should be more concerned with attacking the other Big East "powerhouses". The best team they schedule is Maryland, and the rest are total disasters. As much as I bash Pitt, MSU and Viginia (not to mention the GRAMBLING BAND) are huge upgrades on the other three.

Finally, the Fulmer Cup.

We've been that high for awhile. Way to spot it.

HotDog_Zanzabar said...

If Mondesi writes something about the Mountain West, sre you going to tell us how bad the Big East is?

YOU HAVE ISSUES! This goes beyond the "delusional Penn State fan" kind of stuff and into the "needs therapy" realm. First of all, Mandel gets a lot of respect as a college football writer, so he has a little bit more clout than "Adam, the annoying internet Penn State fan". Second of all, the ACC blows dude. Conferences can be cyclical, but it sucked hard last year. The only thing they have on the Big East is a larger number of middling teams. I am enjoying your daily breakdowns.

Adam said...


Cincinatti? South Florida? Pitt? Connecticut?

Those are middling to you?

Go ahead and say I need therapy, but when I put an arguement out there, at lest I have facts to back myself up.

The Big East is worse than the ACC. Thats a fact.

The ACC may have sucked, but people won't even play the Big East anymore, because they suck harder.

Get over yourself and quit acting like you have any idea what is going on.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

God, how did I know that this would bring that kid out of the woodwork. He just can't face facts when they're presented to him.

I think he just digs the internet attention.

And if Pitt's so unimportant to you, why do you care if the Big East is better than the ACC or not? I don't get it.

Vonteego said...

Why do you two even respond?

Every time I see an Adam comment, there is zanzabar and louis lipps hot on his tail complaining about how annoying he is.

You are just as annoying.

Did you ever think that if no one responded to Adam he might not post here anymore? Maybe you do want him to post though, because it seems to be the only thing you two seem willing to post about.

You can keep arguing with him. That's fine. Just stop acting like he's any worse than the two of you.

Adam said...

"He just can't face facts when they're presented to him."

What facts do you speak of? I mean really? I'M the one that presented the facts.

HotDog_Zanzabar said...

You know what's annoying? People like Vonteego pointing out how annoying I am.

Unknown said...

"What facts do you speak of? I mean really? I'M the one that presented the facts."

How's this for a fact? The argument that BCS conferences won't play the Big East doesn't hold water because all of those schools from the other BCS conferences have their non conference schedules made up far in advance. Their schedules for 2007, and a few years afterwards (varying a bit from team to team) were made back when the Big East looked pitiful. That is a fact.

Anonymous said...

THe Phillipino inmates are amazingly talented. Hats off to the guy who played the female so convincingly. He makes me think all the stories about prison are true. He probably even volunteered for the role.

Adam - your posts are too long and too whiny. I have officially decided to stop reading your posts for seven (7) days. Considering I only read 3 lines of your first post above, today will be the first day. I will re-evaluate your status next Thursday.

Who knew Illinois recruits a bunch of thugs? I guess they're recruiting the wrong thugs. Not that PSU's thugs are much better. At least Florida gets the talented law-breakers.

But Idaho and UTEP....WTF? For what, huh? FOR WHAT??

Adam said...

Cecil, I'm DEVASTATED that you aren't going to read my little comments that take me about 5 minutes to poop out, which is 5 minutes more than I should be spending talking to clueless Pitt fans like yourself.

Where is Stoosh, I liked him, he was an intelligent Pitt fan. Get him back here.

And to chris. I'm pretty sure Big 10 schools are STILL rejecting 1 for ones with Big East teams, say, i duno, PENN STATE REJECTING PITT?

Unknown said...


So let me get this straight: Mondesi reprints an article that says that Penn State is ranked second in moronic acts by its' players and that means that he's biased? He didn't write the story or rank the teams! So this becomes a Pitt thing too? Why, because they didn't make the top ten of morons? Man, you need to get a grip on reality! I also hope that you don't look at everything in life through the same jaded glasses that you currently view everything Penn State football with.

Adam said...

whoa Nelly. In the original post, Pitt was only mentioned twice in their criticism of PSU fans for say "we're back" and in the POSITIVE light that is Pitt's non conf.

I wasn't going to let a pot shot at the ACC from a Big East fan go unchecked. Believe it or not, there are other teams in the Big East, and they aren't very good.

And yes, when a PSU shot comes from a Pitt fan, its clearly a Pitt-PSU thing.

And, in closing:

Unknown said...

"And to chris. I'm pretty sure Big 10 schools are STILL rejecting 1 for ones with Big East teams, say, i duno, PENN STATE REJECTING PITT?"

1.PSU (more specifically Paterno) is rejecting Pitt because of a grudge.

2.Then why did this same team schedule Syracuse to a home and home? Syracuse plays in the Big East last time I checked.

As for the article, Pitt having trouble selling football tickets is no big surprise. All of us Pitt fans aren't happy about it, and to make matters worse, the home schedule sucks this year. But Pitt football has always been the runt of the Pittsburgh sports litter, as this excerpt from the same column says.

Even when Tony Dorsett was the city's most-accomplished football player and Pitt was on its way to a national championship, the Panthers could not capture the town's fancy. They averaged less than 40,000, barely two-thirds capacity at Pitt Stadium. In the Dan Marino era, the Panthers did better, but still were second to the Steelers.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Hey Adam, is that the Smizik article where he repeatedly mentions that the problem with Pitt football is that they play 5th fiddle to the Steelers, Penguins, Pirates, and their own basketball team?

If so, didn't you just post something proving the exact point I made the other day about Pitt football's problem in the city?

Penn State doesn't even have to compete with their own hoops program.

But don't worry Adam, I'm sure PSU hoops will be bigtime any year now ::snicker snicker::

Yeah and hey Adam, I have some Pirates vs Devil Rays World Series tickets! Ya interested?

And Vonteego, I do want him to post here. I like busting his balls.

And I actually kind of agree with Chris. The other teams did make their non-con schedules before the Big East was respectable again. However, why should that be held against the improving Big East teams that are going 11-1 and 10-2? In fact, when they did get a chance to play the other BCS conference teams in bowl games, the Big East teams faired well, no?

Also, Adam the "fact" is that the Big East was better than the ACC last season. See the aforementioned bowl games.