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Harris Fired, Big Ben Buys a Dog, Another Bengal Arrest, Trot Nixon a Pirate?, Nate Robinson Dunk, Jessica Runs Off Stage

Walt Harris never had to worry about Stanford being shut out of a BCS bowl. A 1-11 record will do that. Now he doesn't have to worry about the last three years on his contract, either.

Big Ben just bought a new police dog for his hometown, after their dog was killed. Keep that in mind the next time you want to dump a beer on him after he throws an interception.
The late "Flip".
On the topic of Ben, here's a disturbing tribute video along the lines of the Tom Brady video last week. (thanks to reader Joshua)
Reggie McNeal doesn't buy dogs for the police department. No, he chooses to fight with them. Thus explaining the seventh Cincinnati Bengal arrest of the season.
Broderick Bunkley of the Eagles missed the team flight and was suspended for the game last week against the Colts. Why? He was picking up chicken for his teammates.
The Pirates need a young power lefty bat. So they're chasing 32-year-old Trot Nixon, of course.
I was asked to be on a panel of Pirates' bloggers for a roundtable discussion, along with some other bloggers I'm sure you're familiar with. I tried to give some interesting answers consistent with the Mondesi you know and tolerate.
Reason #8,127 why the Knicks stink: they attempt (and fail) alley-oops to themselves


Ever wonder what beer gives you the most alcohol for the money? The answer may surprise you. (via

Just like her sister, Jessica Simpson runs off the stage in the middle of a live performance. Just substitute "SNL" for "Kennedy Center Honors".

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Anonymous said...

Wait... is it official?

Does Ben suck now? Are we now the team that's stuck with a bad quarterback?

How'd we go from having the brightest young star in the game, to being the poor team saddled with a bad quarterback?

This sucks.